Boss Paintball Fields GT
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Rec Play Pricing

BOSS Paintball is open for recreational play on Saturdays from 9AM-5PM and Sundays from 12PM-5PM unless there is a special event. Pricing for recreational days is detailed below:


Bring your own equipment:

Field Entry: $12
All day High Pressure Air: $10
Markers must remain below 280 feet per second when fired over the chronograph.

All inclusive packages:

Starter Package: $39.95
   - Includes standard paintball marker, air tank, mask, and 500 paintballs.

Electronic Package: $54.95
   - Includes electronic paintball marker, air tank, mask, and 500 paintballs

Pro Level Package: $64.95
   - Includes high quality electronic marker, electronic hopper, air tank, advanced mask, pod pack, and 500 paintballs.


Mid-Grade case of 2000 paintballs: $49.95