Random Draw 3-Man Rental Tournament


Event Details:
Date: TBD
Pre-registration Price: $25.00 (select product below)
Pre-purchase Paint Price: $45.00 (Case of 2000)
Pre-registration Close Date: TBD
Day-of Registration Price: $35
Day-of Paint Price: $55.00 (Case of 2000)

Event Information:
This game play experience will be hosted by Carolina's Finest & take place on Feb. 28 from 8 am to around 12 pm. Please note that game play will start at 8:30 am! Any players arriving past 8 am will not be allowed to participate!!! Three players will randomly be selected to play together as a team as they compete against others on the structure ball field. All players will be required to use rental guns, hoppers, and air tanks; however, may use their own gear (such as jerseys, pants, packs, masks, etc.). This will be a unique event for those that are experienced as well as unexperienced with tournament play. Each team will complete against all other teams for points (10 for each player alive on their team, 10 for each player eliminated from the other team, 20 for flag pull, & 20 for flag hang). The top four teams will continue into preliminary matches.

1st place: CASH PRIZE ($75 + to be determined by the turn out)
2nd place: 3 cases of paint
3rd place: 1 case of paint & 3 headbands

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