The Division

The Division

The Division

Only 43 days left until our huge scenario game will launch.  We have had much success with pre-registrations and we are welcoming players from all over the US! 

1)  Camping:  If you plan on camping then you must keep in mind that we do not have running water.  Also keep fire pits away from netting.

2)  Food:  During the game Boss Paintballs sponsored speedball team Carolinas Finest will be hosting breakfast lunch and dinner through out the day.  It will most likely consist of hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and a drinks.  If you have any allergies please notify us ahead of time so we can accomadate for you!

3) Pre-registration:  We have had a lot of success with the pre registration.  It is important for you to pre-register as soon as possible.  It helps us keep a head count, it allows us to know how much food to make, we need how much space for parking will be needed and it lets us know how much paint to order!  We have temporarily marked the price of paintballs down for people who pre-register early however time is running out to get the $15 dollars off per case discount.  This event is a field paint only event and we do not want you spending any unessicary money!  So please register as soon as you can to save money!

-If you have any questions at all feel free to email us at or shoot us a Facebook message.

-Thanks from Boss Paintball Staff!

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