DESTINY: This Saturday!!!

Join us May 27th at BOSS Paintball for a fun filled paintball scenario themed after this popular video game! The entire field will be in play all day long while you complete objectives and shoot it out with the opposition.

Historically when terrible threats arose, the guardians looked to the Vanguard to eliminate the problem. These elite veterans coordinated the reports of roaming hunters, the analyses of cloistered warlocks, and the instincts of grizzled titans into a single plan of action.

On the edge of civilized space, close to the darkness, Mara Sov mysteriously returned to the Reef. Upon the Queens return, she realized the Vanguard put a very small dent in the forces of evil in the galaxy while she was away. As ruthless as ever, she has called out to all guardians requesting their allegiance and raised a massive army to fight evil. The Queen also instructed her guardians to treat any opposing group as hostiles, including the Vanguard because the problems exist due to their ineptitude.

A short time later, the leadership of the Vanguard were informed of the Queen's rebellion. In response to this imbalance of power, the Vanguard sent their bravest guardians known as the Vanguard Elite to squelch her uprising. The Vanguard know that simply being against evil doesn't make one's actions good, in fact one evil often may rise from another.

The Vanguard did not expect the Queen to have such powerful guardians aligned to her side, the COBALT LEGION of the Queen's Army was activated to deal with the nuisance of the VANGUARD ELITE. These two factions are now locked in an epic battle to determine who will be the ultimate good power in the universe.

To whom do you owe allegiance?

          Led by "Mantis" of World Combat Paintball (WCP)
          Led by "Skreech" of Full Scenario Paintball (FSP)

Event paint only. FSR are not permitted.

Day-Of Registration: $45
Day-Of Paint: $60

Online registration has ended, day of registrations will open at 8AM on Saturday. Come out and join us for what will be a fun filled event!

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