Boss Paintball Easter Egg Hunt

Boss Paintball Easter Egg Hunt

Boss Paintball's Easter egg hunt

Boss Paintball's Easter egg hunt was a huge success!

With over 80 players and over 20 children hunting for children, it is safe to say that we will be doing it again next year!

The Mario Go Kart game did not go as planned.  It took us all morning to inflate over 140 balloons with helium which was pretty fun on its own, so you would have to imagine that it was even more exciting to watch the players have such a great time in the match.   The objective was to shoot the other player's balloons out to eliminate each player.  So the last player standing won a free T-shirt at the end of the tournament.  The issue was that since the balloons were inflated in the morning, it gave the balloons time to deflate a little helium.  So the elasticity of the ballon was stretched, making the balloon much harder to pop.  The players ended up loving the opportunity to shoot each other a bunch of extra times so we just rolled with it!  We ended up picking a MVP player to get the free T-shirt.  We have attached a video of him below.






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