Weather tips for playing in the rain!


Bring visors and fans for goggles if you have them. If you don't have a visor take athletic tape and cover the vents on your goggles.

Tape your barrel ports(before you get there)then take a tooth pick and poke a few holes on the bottom so the smoke will go down instead of up. If you shoot an axe tape all parts on your marker where the parts come together. I advise scotch super 33+ electric tape.

Use your clear or yellow lens, the newer the better.

Try to stick to just wearing a headband or bandana on your head. If you cover the top of your head the heat can't escape and will cause fogging.

PAINT!!! If you do not keep it dry it will not shoot straight and will swell(the paint is sealed when you get it, as soon as you open it moisture is hitting it. There is nothing the field can do about the moisture) . I advise everyone to bring a cooler to keep their paint in on top of your caddies if you have one. Just keeping it in the caddie isn't good enough. Use a lid for your hopper.

Hope this helps everyone for this weekend.

Matt Sossoman
Local Pro

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