In Loving Memory of Mike Shumate


On May 4, 2014 we lost Mike Shumate to a bad heart. Mike’s spirit was stronger than his heart could bear, but he never let any of us know. He would help everyone and had the ability to always bring a smile to your face. Mike was a field manager, a ref, a player, a marker tech, an event producer, a writer, a friend, and a brother to those of us who were lucky enough to be close to him. We all miss you dearly big guy!


Back in 2012, I setup a simple blog website for Mike. He put out some amazing content in the summer of 2012, but then he got wrapped up in classes the following semester. About a year later, a hacker destroyed all the sites I had on that hosting package, including 'Voodoo Spells It Out.' Even though the site was gone, Mike's writings were saved down onto my external hard-drive.

What is left of his writings means more to me than I can express. I have recreated his postings along with their original post dates on this news page for your reading enjoyment. Please spend a few minutes reading them, they will make you chuckle and educate you on elements of the sport you may not have thought about previously.

Resident Condiment

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