Moonshine Run




Long before the 18th Amendment outlawed the sale & consumption of alcohol in the US, prohibitionists and moon-shiners had an uneasy relationship.  

The temperance movement slowly began for the South in the 1870's and started to gain steam in the 1890's. So when the sale and consumption for liquor was outlawed in the 1920's, illegal moon-shining business's flourished.  That is when the FBI directed its agenda on the prevention of distilling moonshine.

Boss Paintball is hosting a walk-on day/scenario based on the everyday struggles of the Prohibition Era.  The paintballing will be based on two different teams who are struggling to steal moonshine from one centralized distillery.  The team with the most moonshine gathered at the end of the scenario wins!

However it isn't going to be that easy...  If you spend too much time at the distillery, the FBI will issue a search warrant for your teams headquarters and dump your hard earned liquor.  FBI Agents will be scowering the field for illegal moonshine runners and anyone found with moonshine will be arrested.

During this time period the FBI agents could sometimes be paid off.  Be careful, some agents can be paid off and some can't.  



July 15th from 1pm - 4pm