General Pricing Information

BOSS Paintball is open for recreational play on Saturdays from 9AM-5PM and Sundays from 12PM-5PM unless there is a special event. Pricing for recreational days is detailed below:


Bring your own equipment:

Field Entry: $12
All day High Pressure Air: $10
Markers must remain below 280 feet per second when fired over the chronograph.

All inclusive packages:

Rookie Level Package: $39.95
   - Includes standard paintball marker, air tank, mask, and 500 paintballs.

Amateur Level Package: $54.95
   - Includes electronic paintball marker, air tank, mask, and 500 paintballs

Pro Level Package: $69.95
   - Includes high quality electronic marker, electronic hopper, air tank, advanced mask, pod pack, and 500 paintballs.


Mid-Grade case of 2000 paintballs: $49.95

Private or Public Parties:

Paintball is a great way to spend time outdoors with family, friends, and co-workers. Private parties offer the opportunity to ensure that you spend your field time with those you know. Public parties are mixed in with the rest of the recreational players. You often have the option of remaining on the same team, or splitting onto the two sides.

You are welcome to bring your own coolers with food and drink. If you have a craving for pizza, Dominoes will deliver to the field. We recommend loose clothing.

Please use the links to schedule your party.